School Uniform

Other than children in our Nursery, pupils attending Commonswood School are expected to wear school uniform. Governors have deliberately chosen uniform that is readily available from local high street stores at reasonable prices. Governors feel that uniform is important because it:

  • promotes a sense of belonging to our school and pride in the individual and collective achievements of pupils
  • provides children with sensible clothing in which to participate in educational activities
  • frees parents from the pressures to dress children in fashionable, expensive clothing and footwear
  • promotes the sense of belonging

Our school uniform comprises:

  • Smart, plain grey short or long trousers (not sportswear, leggings, jeggings, chinos or jogging bottoms except in Nursery)
  • Sky blue polo shirts or shirts
  • Plain grey skirts or pinafores (or pale blue gingham dresses in the Summer term)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or navy blue cardigan (preferably with the school logo)
  • Black, navy, grey or white tights or socks. Socks/tights must be worn for hygiene purposes
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers – no laced shoes in Reception. No white trainers or bright coloured soles, laces or logos.

Iron on badges with the school’s new logo are available from the office at the cost of £2.50.

Parents can purchase uniform with the school logo from our supplier, Essential Schoolwear, who will deliver direct to your home.


PE Clothing

All pupils are expected to participate in PE / Games lessons. Children need to dress safely for PE. They should wear plain, close fitting:

  • Navy blue shorts or leotard
  • White tee shirt
  • Black plimsolls for indoor PE and velcro trainers for outdoor PE
  • Hair tie for long hair
  • A navy blue tracksuit may also be useful during the colder, winter months when some PE / games lessons
    take place outside. Children should not wear replica kits or expensive branded clothing.


A bag for PE and games kit should be provided, and drawstring bags can be purchased from the school office at a cost of £5.00. You are able to purchase these in person by bringing the money in an envelope.
Please ensure all pupils bring PE kits to school on Mondays and take them home to be washed on Fridays. Trainers and a track suit top and bottoms are essential for outdoor PE. Please ensure all items are named.



Jewellery, including earrings, rings and necklaces, should not be worn to school as it can cause nasty injuries in PE lessons and in the playground. If your child has pierced ears, children should wear studs which must be removed or taped for PE.


Please note that the school will not take responsibility for any loss.



Make-up, nail varnish and hair dye are not appropriate for primary school pupils and should not be worn.