Term Dates

School times: 8.45am to 3.10pm

School doors open at 8:35am for children to enter the classrooms

If your child is ill and cannot attend school, please inform the office by 9:30am, each day of absence

Children do not attend school on the dates marked: Occasional Day or Staff Inset Day

2019 / 2020
Autumn Monday 2nd September Staff Inset Day
Tuesday 3rd September Term Commences
Friday 25th October Staff Inset Day – Children do not attend
28th October – 1st November Half Term
Monday 2nd December Occasional Day – Children do not attend
Friday 20th December Term Ends 12.30pm
Spring Monday 6th January Staff Inset Day – Children do not attend
Tuesday 7th January Term Commences
17th – 21st February Half Term
Friday 3rd April Term Ends 12.30pm
Summer Monday 20th April Term commences
Friday 8th May Bank Holiday
25th May – 29th May Half Term
Friday 17th July Term Ends 12.30pm
Monday 20th July Staff Inset Day – Children do not attend
Tuesday 21st July Staff Inset Day – Children do not attend


We are often asked what is the single most important thing that parents can do to support and maximise their child’s learning?

Our response is always the same: send them to school every single day of the term. Children form the long life habits of commitment, good attendance and punctuality from their parents at a very early age – as young as 3 years old! They soon learn the importance of good attendance which remains with them for life. Children also know how tricky it is when the learning of key skills is missed. This of course impacts on subsequent learning.

The attendance at Commonswood School has improved enormously over the past 5 years and as a result, combined with high quality teaching and an outstanding curriculum, standards have vastly improved. Good attendance cannot be emphasised enough.

Term time holidays

We are unable to authorise term time holidays. Absence can only be authorised if a child is unwell. If however, the number of unauthorised sessions reaches 15 or more within 2 terms, the local authority may issue you with a Penalty Notice. The Penalty Notice requires parents to pay a fine of £60 within 21 days. If this is not paid within the time limit, the penalty rises to £120 which must be paid within 28 days.

Term time holidays have a negative impact on friendships and learning.

Please avoid taking your child out of school.

Governors’ policy no longer allows term time holidays to be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Section 7 Education Act 1996 places a duty on parents to ensure that their child of compulsory age attends school.