Phonics and Reading

Learning to Read

When children start school, they will begin learning their sounds through the Letters and Sounds programme. The children receive whole class teaching of phonics then will work at their own individual pace during daily phonic sessions. They are regularly assessed and tracked to ensure early identification of children’s needs so that children receive additional support and extension in learning as necessary.


Once they are secure in applying all of Phase 2 and some of Phase 3 sounds, they will be issued with a reading book to share with you at home. This book will be phonetic and appropriate for early readers. From the early stages of reading children are encouraged to talk about and answer questions about their book. Support for parents in doing this can often be found in the back of the book. As they become more confident with their reading, non-phonetic reading books are also sent home.


All the books the children take home will be colour‐coded to ensure that the children are reading at the correct level for them. As the children become more fluent readers, there is a greater emphasis on written comprehension. All children take part in daily reading activities and will be given opportunities to read books from a variety of genres.

The school uses the following book schemes: Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and Dandelion.


Supporting your child at home

Reading at home is one of the most important things you can do to support your child. At Commonswood, we run workshops to assist parents in supporting their child at home. Reading has always been an important skill. In our modern world it is more important than ever. Reading with your child at home will help your child in all learning areas of school.

Children see you reading and writing in everyday life – reading for pleasure, sharing a story with your child, using a recipe, making a shopping list, writing a birthday card or reading street signs. This teaches them that reading and writing are useful skills in today’s world.