Packed Lunch Guide

Please click on the link below to view the whole school food policy

School Food Policy

In conjunction with guidance for food in schools, Commonswood is embracing a whole school healthy eating culture. Please join us in our 1,2,3 lunchbox campaign.

Your child’s lunchbox should contain:

1. Main 2. Fruit, Veg or both 3. Snack
This could be based on a sandwich, some pasta, rice and/or a protein item such as cold meat. Whatever you choose, make sure it is enough to fill your child up. Fresh, tinned, frozen or dried fruit is all good.

Any vegetables you like – include a dip if you want to keep it interesting.
One snack item. This could be a yogurt, cheese, crisps, biscuit, etc. Try some healthy swaps such as popcorn instead of crisps.

You don’t need to include a drink. All children are provided with fresh drinking water while they eat. We even flavour some of it with fresh fruit. Please support all children drinking water together.

Please avoid:

Too much food Too much choice Items not allowed
Your child’s stomach is only this big.

Take this into account when calculating portion size.
1,2,3 will be enough food. In addition, all children should be eating a fruit/veg snack mid-morning to keep them going.


If your child is in Years 3-6 please send this in each day.

We have always said no to nuts, fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and sweets.


If we see these, we ask children to take them home again.

Avoid pressed fruit such as Winders as these are high in sugar content and children need to learn that these do not have the nutritional content of fresh fruit.

A note on waste – children may throw away messy waste such as fruit skins/cores, yogurt pots and anything that might leak. Wrappers and uneaten food will be brought home.


For more ideas you can check out the Change4life website. They have apps too!


We are a peanut free school