How can I stay safe online and using apps

  • Check that the apps are suitable for you to use.
    Every app and game has one of these age ratings which tells you if it suitable for you. If you are not sure, check with a parent.
  • Talk to your parents about what app you use on your devices and what you use your devices for.
  • Never send a message to anyone you have never met face to face.
  • Think before you type. It is impossible to 'only joke' or say things you don't mean when sending a message.
  • If you are playing a games and can see or hear messages from other people, turn off the sound and tell an adult straight away.

What to do if you are worried

  • If you see a message, picture or anything else on the internet which gives you a funny feeling in your tummy or makes you embarrassed, tell your parent or teacher.
  • Trusted adults are the best people to help.
  • If you are told not to tell an adult, it is probably because that person does not want to get into trouble. The best thing to do it tell an adult.
  • The CEOP website below will have a link to the police and other people who will be able to help with your worry.



The websites below have lots of great games and advice for you and your parents to help keep you safe.

Full of activites and advice for children of all ages as well as parents.
Child Exploitation and Online Protection
Full of information, including how to report abuse whilst online.